Getting a Canadian Visa Made Easy

How to quickly get a Canadian visa will largely depend on your personal profile or your reason for immigrating to Canada. Considering the increasing interest in Canadian immigration, now is the time to start your immigration journey.

However, it should be noted that there are no shortcuts or easy way to get a Canadian visa. All applicants are required to go through the process which is usually long and involves many steps. That being said there are programs which greatly increase your chances of getting a Canadian vis quickly.

Canadian visa is highly sort after as it ranks among the top counties with good quality of life and as a country is generally accommodative to immigrants. While immigrating to Canada requires a significant financial commitment and resolve, the end justifies all the effort.

Here are the most popular methods on How To Quickly Get A Canadian Visa

1. By Express Entry

Express Entry is the first on our list on how to quickly get a Canadian visa, it has been identified as Canada’s fastest and most popular immigration program.  Applicants to this Express Entry system can receive permanent residence status as soon as six months.

Canada aims to invite over 240,000 immigrants over the next three years through three streams of Express Entry:

  • Federal Skilled Worker (FSW);
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC); and
  • Federal Skilled Trades (FST)

Entry into the Express Entry system is done by submitting an online profile that is scored by Canada’s Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).

To submit an Express Entry profile, you should initially be qualified under one of the above streams. The Canadian government then, at that point, issues an invite to apply for permanent residency to the most qualified applicants in the Express Entry pool.

The Express Entry method might be the least demanding method for coming to Canada for specific competitors qualified to present a profile. It very well may be challenging to meet the CRS cut-off in the government draw. Be that as it may, just by being in the pool of up-and-comers, you could be selected for permanent residency by chance.

The expense of moving to Canada through Express Entry is ordinarily about $2,300 CAD for a single candidate, or about $4,500 CAD for a couple. This does exclude the settlement supports that must likewise be displayed as a component of the qualification prerequisite, which will shift by family size.

Visit the Express Entry page to get more familiar with presenting a profile and how to build your positioning in the pool.

2. Through Provincial Nominee Programs

All through the pandemic, territories kept on nominating immigrant workers for permanent residency. This year, Canada intends to invite 83,500 new workers through Provincial Nominee Programs PNPs.

There are innumerable nominee programs presented by Canada’s ten provinces and three regions. Each PNP has its own unique qualification standards. Numerous PNPs require an association with the region to apply for nomination. Nonetheless, there are a few projects that welcome immigrant candidates exclusively on their capacity to answer the region’s work market needs.

Each PNP has its own application handling time. In the wake of getting a nomination, PNP applicants should apply to the national government for Canadian permanent residence. The time it takes to handle the permanent residence application will rely upon whether the PNP works utilizing the Express Entry framework.

The expense of moving to Canada through a PNP is normally equivalent to Express Entry, for certain extra charges, contingent upon the territory. Certain regions don’t charge an expense to handle PNP applications, while others, like Ontario, can cost up to $1,500 CAD.

3. Through Business Immigration   

On the off chance that you have experience managing or owning your own business, the most straightforward method for moving to Canada could be through a government or provincial business immigration program.

The federal government offers immigration programs for people that intend to be self employed in Canada or start up a business in Canada.

There are likewise a few PNPs intended for overseas candidates keen on beginning a business in a specific Canadian province.

Business immigration programs typically require a huge investment in the organization you mean to begin in Canada. The sum required will rely upon the program you are interested in. Numerous PNPs have local business entrepreneurship projects that require a lower investments for competitors keen on beginning a business in a less populated region.

4. Sponsorship

Assuming you have a qualified relative that is a permanent resident or citizen of Canada, family sponsorship will probably be the simplest way for you to move to Canada.

Canada offers a few migration programs that allow permanent residents and citizens the opportunity to bring their relatives to the country. This year, Canada intends to invite 105,000 new permanent residents through family sponsorship programs.

If your spouse, kid, or grandkid is a permanent resident or citizen of Canada, you might be qualified for family sponsorship.

Sponsoring a relative normally costs about $1,135 CAD. Extra expenses will apply assuming that the sponsor lives in or plans to live in Quebec.

The processing time for a sponsorship application will depend on the relative who is sponsoring you. For spousal sponsorship, applications normally require around a year to process from beginning to end.


Below We have Four (4) Reasons Your Visa Application Can be Delayed:

A lot of applicants experience some nature of delay getting their visa application approved, below we detail some common reason your application can be delayed. They include;

  • Non-Payment Of Fees

One common reason for this would be that the payment chart lists dozens of costs associated with different types of applications. Missing a payment in your last count can make you coincidentally pay the wrong amount, slowing down your application.

Paying charges at a bank is no more an option for the people who need to remit visa expenses, and that implies that the individuals who utilized payment receipt structure IMM 5401 may have had the payment dismissed. Many fees are presently payable strictly through online means or credit cards. Make certain to check which payment techniques are satisfactory for each different expense.

  • Improper Paperwork

Identification and related documentation for your visa application ought to give all the required data that the case official expects to decide the eligibility of your case. At the point when your application contains blunders or oversights, the official will be compelled to demand that these mistakes are fixed before the process continues.

Issues like missing signatures, or areas that haven’t been filled out, are ensured to slow down the process. Assuming you submit duplicates of paperwork and documentation that are blurred or hard to read, you might be asked to resubmit them. The same goes for photographs.

The worst situation imaginable for inadequate paperwork rotates around the likelihood that the immigration official decides that you’re attempting manipulate the process or present fake data (referred to as “deception”), which can prompt more extended delays and different consequences.

  • Bottom of Form
  • Verification of Documentation and Data

Contingent upon the type of information you submit as a component of your immigration application, you might find that you face unexpected delays in light of the fact that the visa official needs to contact different departments to check that everything is authentic.

Identification given by workplaces outside Canada might should be double checked by reaching the foreign office responsible for issuing the ID used for your application, which might add days or even a long time to process.

Assuming requirements submitted are difficult to vet, for example, financial information or information gave through foreign databases, then at that point, it might take a long period of time before officials can check all the data you’ve submitted.

Confirmation delays may likewise happen inside Canada as well. Domestic offices that contain vital details might need to speak with each other to ensure that the details of your application match. To keep away from this kind of delay, you ought to present documentation and paper work that officials can vet without stress, including current travel papers and computerized financial data.

  • Unexpected Prohibition

All immigration processes are dependent upon Canadian standards of prohibition. Basically, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) rejects foreign nationals’ entrance into Canada in view of their conduct previously, particularly regarding health, money and criminal acts.

Applicants who have a criminal past, particularly those associated with serious, violent crimes, will struggle with entering the country. The people who have connections to organized crime or terrorist activities will likewise be denied Visa.

At the point when candidates experience the ill effects of transmittable medical problems, they might be prohibited from entry because of their ailment. For individuals with serious, non-transmittable illness, you might be considered prohibited except if you can demonstrate that you won’t be a burden on the public health insurance system

Generally, these explanations behind dismissal rotate around keeping current residents and inhabitants of Canada secure in general, bringing about an extremely lengthy delay to your application.

People who have serious financial issues may also be refused entry into the country, especially if they apply for business or investor immigration programs. Anyone caught lying on their application may be refused entry under visa programs indefinitely.


Get the latest information on how to quickly get a Canadian visa and other related updates from us. While some programs may be easier for you to apply to, the process is long and involves many steps, kindly go through this informative article and start exploring how to quickly get a Canadian visa today.

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