Top Paying Jobs With Free Visa For Africans In Canada 2022

In this review I’ll take you through the top paying jobs with free visa for Africans in Canada. If you are an immigrant and looking for job opportunities then this is the right guide for you.

To make it seamless the various paying jobs will be divided into sections based on skill so you can easily identify your skill set and make your choice.

Top Paying Jobs With Free Visa For Africans In Canada – Unskilled Jobs in Canada for Africans

The following are various unskilled jobs for africans in Canada which just about anyone can apply for.

SkipTheDishes Food Delivery – This is a food delivery service where you can order food delievery and take out from the best restaurants in Canada. Visit their website for employment information

DoorDash Food Delivery – This is a delivery and takeout service from the best local restaurants where you can apply. Visit their web page for more information

Uber Eats Canada – You can become a restaurant partner with uber, also help customers find the best restaurants and deliver take out and groceries to them.

Uber Canada – Uber is a ride sharing app where to can earn a high pay from driving. So you can become a driver and earn money on your own schedule in Canada.


This comes second in most demanded jobs in Canada for immigration, if you are qualified then you can become a vital asset to any business you are employed. Every business keeps records and books. Working as an accountant is a stable job more so than several other jobs in Canada and it comes with a high pay scale of 63,000 $ CAD to 75, 000 $CAD.

Business Analyst

In recent years this job profile has experienced an upward interest rate from professionals. It requires an understanding of innovation, technology, and managerial attributes; this in turn means that a high level of credentials will be needed. This new field has various dimensions and high pay scale of 73,000 $ CAD to 87,000 $ CAD.

Information Technology Project Manager

With most startups today being mainly technologically driven, if you are aware of the latest technological advancement, can innovate in the field then this is the best field for you. The job openings in the bank for this beneficial occupation accounts to 1,989 openings and the remuneration scale is nearly 90,000 $ CAD to 1, 14, 000 $ CAD.

Human Resources Manager

This is a high end job which intels the responsibility of recruiting the right talent for a particular job, Considering the requirements of the company and also the credentials their job and how they will fit in. In the field of technology, engineering, hospitality the demand of HR professionals are very high. The average Salary of a Human Resources Manager is CAD 89,034.

Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistants are specialist in clerical work and also handle accounting and bookkeeping. These professionals are in high demand in Canada due to the current job market and can be used in any type of organization. The average salary of a good administrative assistant is CAD 45,927


Hopefully this Top Paying Jobs With Free Visa For Africans In Canada has been of value to you.
Canada has more than 3000 occupations for which they require professionals. If you have the required skill then finding a high paying job in Canada will not be difficult.


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